Must-See: “powDer” – xSDTRK

“Do anything just to feel alive again…”

Music has been synonymous with life for Yonatan (Yoni) Ayal.  Studying at the Toronto Conservatory of Music from age 3, Yoni has explored music from several angles, slipping in and out of genres with feline grace.  Nominated for a Juno for his work with Karl Wolf as a producer, Yoni has taken the reins with his solo project, xSDTRK (pronounce that “soundtrack”).  The result:  a sonic tapestry from a gifted multi-instrumentalist.

The music itself — ambient trip-hop reminiscent of Massive Attack’s Mezzanine era — would be enough to engage the senses, but with the video for “powDer”, xSDTRK has taken the song and created a story that beautifully conveys the desolation and longing in guest vocalist Stephanie Bosch (whom OTM’s been digging since catching The C’mons’ CMW set).

Watch the video for “powDer” below and swing by xSDTRK’s official site for more.

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