New Music Monday: Lauren Pritchard Is Sinister & Sultry On “Weapon For Saturday”

Lauren Pritchard first caught my attention with her soulful blues vocals on the cast recording of Tony Award-winning musical, Spring Awakening.  For all of the hype and praise Lea Michele has received from that launchpad, Lauren was the one who truly stood out for me.  Her debut album, Wasted In Jackson, became a favourite of mine; in particular, darker tracks like “Painkillers” and “When The Night Kills The Day” became songs I’d give to friends.  “You gotta hear this,” I’d tell them.

Yeah, I was totally Garden State Natalie Portman.  Not sorry.

After a hiatus, Lauren has emerged from the silence with a fresh track to feast upon, and it’s one hell of a tune.  A blend of bluesy rock and industrial elements, it’s everything I believe Madonna was trying to accomplish with the sonic atrocity “Gang Bang”.  Sinister yet seductive, foreboding yet fascinating, Pritchard delivers clever wordplay and a sense of confidence not seen since Fiona Apple’s classic album When The Pawn…

Give “Weapon For Saturday” a spin below and feel free to let us know what you think.  For us, this one’s an omen — a good one.  Bring on more Lolo!

Lauren Pritchard’s website

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