New Music Monday: Matthew Good’s “Had It Coming”/”We’re Long Gone”

September 24th heralds the release of another Matthew Good album, Arrows of Desire.  OTM certainly loves the Coquitlam native’s style of songcraft, so we’re very pleased to have the first tastes of the new album.

Lead single “Had It Coming” arrives complete with video (a rare beast in Good’s catalogue these days) and like the rapid-fire bluesy ramble of the verse delivery, it’s a sparse affair with a “catch me if you can” elusiveness.  Good’s always had a knack for waxing verbose in ear-pleasing fashion, but this track employs it a little more than usual, to powerful effect.  Waxing frantic on the day-to-day grind and twisting in a reference to classic jokes built for the whiskey-soaked bar that Good’s voice seems to drink deep from, it’s a catchy track.  Its only downside — one I hear also in b-side tune “We’re Long Gone” — is a return to the short song with repetitive, plain chorus formula that was the only lownote of 2004’s White Light Rock And Roll Review.  

Speaking of that album, if tracks like “Put Out Your Lights” and “Poor Man’s Grey” rank high in your Matt Good charts, it sounds like Arrows of Desire is your album.  For those of us digging the contemplative exploration of Good’s last three outings, this seems like a more playful, straight-up album that sits in strong juxtaposition.  But hey, we could all use a little fun while the proverbial ship’s sinking.

Spin “Had It Coming” and “We’re Long Gone” below in tandem, then watch the video for “Had It Coming” while you’re at it.  For tour details and more, hit the man at the source:

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