ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY: Steam Whistle’s 25th Unsigned Show Friday, May 24th!

One of the most fulfilling aspects of my shift from blogging about music as a hobby to one of passion and committment is the wealth of talent I’ve discovered.  OTM accepts submissions on the regular from countless artists, and while some are label-endowed, many are burgeoning indies seeking to be heard in a crowded and sometimes fickle scene.

Artists experience many hardships on the indie trail:  juggling the day job and music career; struggling to fund recording/production/gear/tours; and of course, health matters.  Ever tried to live on the road for an extended period?  It’s a challenge not for the immune system challenged (of which I am one).  My favourite vacations have all been roadtrips or madcap adventures, often spent pursuing a concert tour for a week at a time.  The constant drive/eat/rock/sleep maybe chaos takes a serious toll on the mind and body; sometimes, spirit is all that gets you through.  It’s why I admire touring musicians — the diehards that can’t stop going out there and gigging, sometimes on pure willpower.  I’ve lived a small slice of it.

Steam Whistle Brewery cares about these struggles and also loves filling the walls of their venues with amazing music at affordable cover prices.  Thus, the Unsigned series was born, with the 25th show being this Friday, May 24th, 2013.  A series that has seen the likes of Woodhands, Rich Aucoin, The Balconies,, Sidney York and so many more, the cherry on top is that proceeds from ticket sales go back to the community through the Artists’ Health Centre Foundation.  That’s $5 well spent, my friends.

And who’s on the bill for this landmark show?  A tasty trio, including an OTM new fave:

The upcoming self-titled debut album, “Beliefs“, took shape naturally by creating groups of songs between three different studios over the course of a year. Led by Korody on production, players were added both live and on the album including Noel Webb and Ben Reinhartz on drums, as well as Kyle Connolly and Richard Stanley on guitar.

The C’Mons
One of OTM’s highlights of Canadian Music Week 2013, and a must-see live!  As we described it:  “With twists of blues, ska and punk, theirs is a body-shaking brand of melody.”

A Toronto local favourites who describe their sound loud, blood thinning, temper temper, sludge, crash.


I’m in, Amber!  Where can we party together?

Details available at the official event page.   Virtual pencil it into your calendars, music fans!

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