IMPORTANT: Help The Green Majority Move To YouTube!

Alright, music lovers, listen up:  it’s time we give back.

Last year, the amazing and sarcastic (in a good way) Daryn Caister, host of CIUT.FM’s enviro news show The Green Majority came knocking on OTM’s virtual door.  He cared about the indie music scene enough to seek someone out who might provide the latest and greatest gems hidden beneath the mainstream media, bands that need exposure with something cool to offer.  Through his generous offer, I’ve been able to promote numerous artists I believe in:, Future History, Amos The Transparent, Goodnight, Sunrise, Avery Island, Lyon… the list goes on and on.  I know this is a spotlight that has paid off along the way for artists.

Here’s our chance to not only give back, but open new doors for indie music as well (*cough* video performances *cough*).  Mutually beneficial relationships rock.

The Green Majority is looking to move to a more frequent content delivery schedule in a new format:  streaming video.  Those familiar with The Young Turks (an amazing news channel on the site that I have loved and appreciated for years) or even SourceFed can appreciate the goal here.  However, the equipment necessary for such a jump is not cheap, as one might expect.  The Green Majority is planning a fundraising campaign soon, and what better way to showcase it than a video demonstrating support for the show?

This is where you come in.

On June 1st, 2013, a promotional video will be shot with volunteers who, like you, believe in the quality news the show provides.  I happen to love the work Daryn and Kevin do; as a member of the Caretaker Steering Committee for TTCriders, public transit and environmental matters concern me.  I also know that the new medium will allow us, as a bonus, to share indie music with a wider audience as a bonus.

Alright, Amber.  I’m in!  What do I do to help TGM out?

Easy peasy, my dears.  Click this link for all the updates on the project and hey, while you’re there, give the podcast a listen.  It’s really well done and I hear the music between segments is pretty sweet…


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