#CMW Rewind: Behind The Scenes Of Goodnight, Sunrise’s Spin Class Video Shoot!

I’m pretty sure that Goodnight, Sunrise is one of the coolest groups of cats to ever prowl the Toronto music scene.  Packed with talent and humour (and brilliant ideas like sangria coffee), the band took the opportunity during the wonderland of CMW to fall down a rabbit hole of rock and film a video for their rocking track “The Honeymoon Is Over”.  Armed with a group of willing workout class extras, the band donned their spandex best and rocked through their album Create/Destroy/Create in its entirety as the soundtrack of a spin class.

You’ll have to be patient a bit longer before the final results are revealed, but for now, amuse yourselves with our snaps from behind the scenes.  Witness as Vanessa leads the class while not missing a single note during “This Is Yours” and marvel at how members of High Heels Lo Fi can keep it so classy while pushing the pedal to the metal.

This gallery best enjoyed while blasting Create/Destroy/Create, a hot contender for OTM’s fave album of 2013!  Grab your copy here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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