#CMW Cai.ro @ Cabin 5, 3/20/2013

Editorial – Amber Waves; Photography – J.J. Deogracias

A brief word before we get down to the crux of the matter: if you can find the entrance to Cabin 5 without getting lost or murdered, it’s a very cool place.  Love the atmosphere.  It genuinely feels like a large cabin with a well-stocked bar.

Cai.ro is a dominating force in the Toronto indie scene, so it was no wonder they had several sets to catch during Canadian Music Week.  OTM swung by their set at Cabin 5 for a little contemplative rock in an intimate setting…


Cai.ro, Cabin 5 CMW 2013

Cai.ro, Cabin 5 CMW 2013

The anti-profanity brigade has no understanding of how beautiful all language can be.

Take, for instance, Cai.ro’s song “Fuck You Up”, their set opener at Cabin 5.  Opening with haunting vocal harmonies, it rises and falls in waves of swelling strings and soft vocals with light percussion.  Without knowing the name of the track, one would simply refer to it as poetry.

Poetic is a key adjective in describing Cai.ro’s body of work.  Every lyrics cuts to the heart of human experience, echoing the longings and loves each of us feels in turn.  That grounded core meets with musicians that hit notes high and low with marksman precision, resulting in more than music — more of a spiritual experience.  In the earthy surroundings of Cabin 5, one had the feeling of a late-night jam session between good friends on a long weekend away.  There was no pretention — only connection, as the band ran through tracks from their Young Love EP including “Addict”, “Selfish” and “Vampire”.

The profane, in a sense, became sacred.  Now that’s the beauty of communication.

Cai.ro website


If you missed it, check out our recent interview with Cai.ro  and remember, the deadline to win our massive prize pack is March 25th at midnight!  Enter our CMW Giveaway fast!  Details here.


Much more to come in our Farewell to CMW 2013, coming next week!

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