#CMW beekeeper @ Rancho Relaxo, 3/20/2013

Editorial – Amber Waves; Photography – J.J. Deogracias

Déjà voodoo:  weren’t we just here?  With beekeeper?

Rancho Relaxo may as well change its name to The Hive:  beekeeper is at home on its stage and audiences are perfectly fine with it.  OTM made their last stop of night two a bee-yoo-tiful one with the Vancouver trio.


beekeeper CMW 2013

beekeeper CMW 2013

“Hey, do you guys want to do something weird?”

A rhetorical question in this crowd, given the nature of beekeeper’s math rock meets comedy music.  This is a band that’s given us songs like “I Don’t Need Hope, I Need Whiskey”.  Of course we’re game to do something weird… which is how I find myself texting a stranger Happy Birthday wishes.  Specifically, we’re texting Devon Lougheed’s ex, despite Brandi Sidoryk suggesting that perhaps handing out a phone number at midnight to an intoxicated crowd is unwise.

Luckily, only a few people obliged, perhaps sensing that getting a band member killed upon his return home would not benefit their future concert calendars.

beekeeper rocked fast and furious through a collection of tracks including the aforementioned “Whiskey”, “It’s The Blood” and “Good News” from their recent EP Shout At People (fantastic, by the way) and older tracks well beloved, but for me, it’s the night’s one downtempo moment that solidifies the band as a tour de force.  Demonstrating their range, it serves as a reminder that for all of the hilarity and clever wordplay, it takes intelligent crafting and care to pen music so cohesive and memorable.

These bees don’t drone; they speak truth.

beekeeper website


If you missed it, check out our recent interview with Devon Lougheed of beekeeper and remember, the deadline to win our massive prize pack (including their latest EP, Shout At People) is March 25th at midnight!  Enter our CMW Giveaway fast!  Details here.


Much more to come in our Farewell to CMW 2013, coming next week!

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