#CMW The Box Tiger @ The Great Hall/El Mocambo, March 20th-21st, 2013

Editorial – Amber Waves; Photography – J.J. Deogracias

Sometimes, when struggling to catch as many bands as possible, one must strike with creative tactics to accomplish a musical mission. Take, for example, my burning desire to catch The Box Tiger live:  each and every set was far from another must-see or outright conflicted, to the point where I was certain I’d yank out a chunk of my hair while scrolling through the CMW schedule.  And then, I thought outside of the box:  see half of two sets.  Two halves make a whole, after all.  And thus, it came to be that OTM bore witness to one band on two stages…

Was it worth the TTC mastery?  Read on…

The Box Tiger

The Box Tiger, El Mocambo CMW 2013

The Box Tiger, El Mocambo CMW 2013

I’ve always been partial to felines.

Having grown up with a Siamese cat doting upon my infant self like an oversized kitten — going so far as to lunge at someone who moved to strike me — my heart has always belonged to the four-legged creatures with soulful eyes and a penchant for sleeping most hours of the day.  Cats great and small fascinate me:  they’re highly intelligent, independent, yet fiercely loyal friends.

The Box Tiger, fronted by the vibrant vocals of Sonia Sturino, channels all of the characteristics of a feline.  Confined to the four walls of the stage, they stalk audiences with the intent to render them powerless to their sway.  Subtle glances and playful chords reel listeners in like beguiled birds for the taking.  But this is no slash and burn slaughter of the senses:  The Box Tiger’s songs are an intellectual discourse, heartfelt and wise.  Perhaps their definition of fierce loyalty runs the way of murder by croquet in their latest video for single “Set Fire To Your Friends”, but such is the price paid for betraying a jungle cat.

Contemplative post-rock powered by a rare richness of voice, The Box Tiger are leading the charge in an indie scene increasingly dominated by femmes formidables.  A must-see.
The Box Tiger website

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Much more to come in our Farewell to CMW 2013, coming next week!

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