OTM’s Guide To #CMW: Friday, March 22, 2013

Thousands of artists… An impossible mission.  How does one choose between so many aural pleasures?  How does a music writer manage to see as many of them as possible without exploding?

It’s not an easy task for anyone, let alone the music enthusiast.  With so many shows spread across a large city, sacrifices must be made.  That’s why OTM is here to spotlight top picks for each night.  From alt-rock to electronic and back to grungey punk garage band, OTM has your fix of music picks.

Happy Indies!  OTM is off to cover the SiriusXM Indies tonight, celebrating the finest indie music has to offer and capped off with a show by Metric.  Yum!

Not a fan of Metric?  Feel like something lower key?  Here are a few great choices for this evening.

OTM’s Picks For Friday, March 22nd:

Ben Caplan & the Casual Smokers (9pm, The Rivoli)
Sounds Like:  Tom Waits meets Buddy Guy.

Crowns For Convoy 
(9pm, Rancho Relaxo)
Sounds Like:  Dave Matthews Band circa “Crash Into Me” meets current indie folk-rock scene.

First You Get The Sugar (9pm, The garrison)
Sounds Like:  OK Go with that distinct Montreal flavour.

Incura (10pm, The Rivoli)
Sounds Like:   Freddie Mercury, the metal band years.  Epic, glorious and triumphant.

Sidney York (11pm, Gladstone Hotel)
Sounds Like:  Band geeks gone rock, with a little of that 60s girl group flair.

The Dirty Nil (11pm, Bovine Sex Club)
Sounds Like:  Those really awesome guys you know who jam in their garage, play house parties and party hard.  This is a very good thing.

Convoys (2am, Rancho Relaxo)
Sounds Like:  Full-throttle motorcycle engines revving up to take you to the best damn dance ever.

The Honeyrunners (1am, Czehoski)
Sounds Like:  A little 60s soul, a little bad-ass bluesy rock, a lotta fun.

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