#CMW Chat: Future History

Having first stumbled upon Markham’s Future History at a music festival (NXNE), OTM is stoked to check out the band during their CMW set.  More specifically, OTM’s eager to witness the conversion of new fans to their brand of psychedelic love noise that marries everything you love and miss about the late 90’s with pure artistry and passion on a higher level.

Having already chatted with Kevin Ker (guitar, vocals) last Fall, we asked the other founding member of the band, Justin Dillon, to join us on the virtual couch for a quick chat about the band’s 2013 plans, hobbits and everything else essential to life.

Justin Dillon Future History

OTM:  The Mayan Calendar was lyin’! Now that we’ve lived to see 2013, what albums are you looking forward to this year?

Justin (percussion): Lately, I’ve really been into discovering new bands. I will do my best this year to discover as much as I possibly can. I know MuteMath is working on a new record. Sigur Ros is dropping one mid-year. Definitely looking forward to those.


OTM recently was able to scratch Roger Waters from the“Bucket List of bands/artists to see before I die”. Who’s on top of your musical Bucket List?

Phil Collins.. duh. But that can never happen due to his injury. I’ll see Paul McCartney & Tom Petty this year at the magical land of Bonnaroo. I guess they’d be on my list if I had one.


Last year, “Gangnam Style” exploded onto the scene. If you could dictate the song or trend that would become the viral monster of 2013, what would it be?

Harlem Shake? Wait…


Oh God, we don’t speak of its name! *cringes* If you could recruit anyone to direct a music video for you, who would you choose and what song would you want them to tackle?

There is so much artistic talent in video these days. Dante recommended a band called Half Moon Run to me last night, and went to check them out VIA YouTube and was blown away by the music video I came across. Personally, I’d love to write and direct our video(s). Wish I had the equipment and budget to do so. Maybe one day. Just not this day.


Name five essential albums you can’t live without.

I’m not a fan of that question.. My OCD would eat at me knowing I’ve left out a tonne of records.


I hear you; I answered it recently and it physically hurt! Your favourite guilty pleasure?

There is no guilt in pleasure.


Yes! Thank you!

Share with us something that fans would find intriguing, but no music writer has managed to draw out of you yet.

Back in ‘94-ish when Kevin & I had first started playing music together, our dreams of becoming “rock stars” were over confident. Kevin called me telling me there was a limo waiting outside his house and we just had gotten signed to a major label. I Jumped on my bicycle and rode as fast as I could over to his house only to find out he was joking. Best bike ride ever.


Ha ha, that’s awesome! Cruel, but awesome. The great debate of our lives: who would win, ninjas or pirates? More importantly, why?

Hobbits.. Because they’re not ninjas or pirates.


If you were to be sponsored by a board game, what board game would you proudly bear the name of?

Girl Talk… Duh.


Thinking of concerts you’ve attended as a fan/spectator, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen someone else do in an audience?

What happens at Bonnaroo stays at Bonnaroo.


Bastardizing a Metric lyric: who’d you rather be, The Tragically Hip or Rush?

Hip, Hip, Hip, Hip, Hip.


The music industry can be daunting at best. What keeps you going in a world flooded with talent, each person or group jockeying for listeners and airplay?

It’s tough sometimes, knowing how much talent there is out there these days. I guess from my prospective, keeping somewhat original helps, although being original in not original these days. It’s complicated.. haha.


I couldn’t have said it better; the lack of originality spotlighted in the mainstream media is painful.

Your first concert: who was it, and how old were you? More importantly, how was it?

I’d seen some cheese ones, but the first one I remember going to without parents was Green Day at Maple Leaf Gardens in ’95. I think Kevin was actually with me.


In the spirit of Shaun Of The Dead, what was the second album you ever bought?

Gn’R – Use Your Illusion II.


The best music-related film ever made?

Almost Famous.


The world is ending in ten minutes. You can listen to one and only one song before the world ends. What song do you go out on?

“50 Ways To Leave Your Lover” – Paul Simon.


Love it! Last one: what can we look forward to from you in 2013?



I am beyond excited to see what Future History cooks up in the studio.  Thanks, Justin!

One of OTM’s top picks for the fest, Future History will be rocking Rancho Relaxo on March 21st at 9pm — mark it in the calendar now!

The band has also contributed a t-shirt and copy of their last release, Loss:/Self (OTM’s Top Album of 2012) to the massive Canadian Music Week giveaway! Sharing this interview on social media is just one way to win.   Head here for details!


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