Flashback: Beekeeper with Convoys, Sneaky Dee’s 1/31/13

Well, this show was a first!

With photographer slash indie virgin Joseph Deogracias in tow, I found myself noshing on the glory that is the Pulled Pork Enchilada, discussing at length the epic musical goodness my beloved indie virgin was about to behold when suddenly, a convo on Twitter began.  Proving that they’re the coolest band on social media, Beekeeper allowed us to hijack them in a direction that resulted in my offering my breasts as barter for show entry, which in turn engaged my feed in a wild and raucous celebration of ta-tas as currency.

Do not misconstrue this recounted tale:  all was in respectful good fun.  Being a smart ass challenging a band with a comedian on deck, one gets what she deserves:  a hilarious night on the town.  And yet, the music had not begun!  This was but the opener to the opening notes.

Beekeeper is a full-service venture, my friends.

Take, for example, their enlisting of Toronto up and comers Convoys to get the crowd sufficiently feisty and soused.  Tapping into the vein of rock that the Arkells and Alexisonfire have nourished and dashing a twist of the abandon of Japandroids into the mix, Convoys deliver a rowdy bash.  Highly danceable and energetic songs thread together in a slam-bam, rock-you-ma’am set.  Keep your eyes on this band; they’re packing musical heat.  Slip on over to their official home online for full details.

And what of Beekeeper, you ask?  Well, they’re flat-out awesome!  Neatly filling the void in indie rock left by the disintegration of Rilo Kiley, Beekeeper touts their sound as math rock.  Translation:  intelligent, tightly orchestrated electrorock anthems to alternately dance or mosh to, possibly while drinking away your sorrows with the gusto of Spirit Of The West.

Beekeeper is all about the live show, which elevates far beyond the clever lyrics into a sort of comedic libretto.  Devon Lougheed banters between songs, pulling compatriots Brandi Sidoryk and Luke Cyca into the fray.  The sheer joie de vivre shared on stage is worth seeing the band alone.  It doesn’t hurt that their music, peppered with odd time signatures and clever experiments in dissonant sound, is bloody brilliant.

Why don’t you check out their official site and pencil them into your schedule — perhaps at Canadian Music Week?  Speaking of, I just happen to have a shiny copy of their latest EP, Shout At People, for the winning.  Stay tuned and follow OTM on Twitter to keep in the loop.   You can also enjoy a flip through the gallery of shots that Joseph and I managed to gather whilst drinking and partying hard — with a few special shots garnered while on stage with Beekeeper, because that’s how they roll.

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