Must-See: “Standing Still (The Girls I Call Don’t Answer Anymore)” – The Danger Bees

Some say the music business is a killer.  The Danger Bees are about to find out how true a statement it can be as they literally face down murderous children in their latest video for hot single “Standing Still (The Girls I Call Don’t Answer Anymore)”.

Poison, fire, deadly backyard pools — it’s all fair game for a group of young boys fed up with a bevvy of birthday party beauties casting them aside for the loser-pop band.  Brimming with the self-deprecating punchiness of Ben Folds Five and groove-worthy hooks, The Danger Bees are the champions of the rejected, delivering anthems for the shot-down, dumped and lonely while never losing the ability to churn life’s lemons into catch musical lemonade.  Sadly for the band, lemonade’s the last thing they’ll find in proferred mugs; just ask guitarist Josh Gillard.

Check out the twisted fun of their video for “Standing Still (The Girls I Call Don’t Answer Anymore)” then head over to their official site, where you can snag your next favourite album, Wyatt.


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