Sidney York Wants Ontario To “Give Me Your Heart”

Calgary band Sidney York is poised to release their forthcoming album Hearts in the summer, but they’re warming up now with a set of shows in Ontario — and wants fans to get interactive with them.

“Give Me Your Heart” encourages fans to submit anonymous personal secrets to the band between now and Hearts’ Summer 2013 release. The secrets, written on scraps of paper and deposited anonymously in a sealed box provided at Sidney York shows, will serve as the backdrop for the album cover photo shoot and will also be made available for public viewing for a limited time on the Sidney York official website (

Ottawa fans can catch the band at Café Dekcuf on January 28th, 2013 (half-off admission for anyone daring to wear short-shorts in solidarity with Brandi Sidoryk), while Toronto fans should pencil in January 30th, 2013 as the day to hurry to C’est What and catch the show.

Are you ready to share your heart?

Bonus:  For those of us who remember the Hinterland “Who’s Who?” series, Sidney York have playfully put together a few PSAs of their own…

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