Must-Hear: “Strange Feeling” – City And The Sea

Fans of bluesy-rock, listen up:  I’ve got your new favourite song on hand.

Live, loud, melodic and fiercer than ever, Hamilton’s City and The Sea are sporting a new lineup, new songs and a fresh attitude.  Their sound is that delicious place where old school rock and roll meets indie rock sensibility, with vocal harmony work that flushes out the blues-tinged guitars and pleasantly abused drum kit.  The band often draws comparisons to the likes of Foo Fighters, but I’m more immediately reminded of The Black Crowes and Amos The Transparent.

Their latest single “Strange Feeling” leads off forthcoming EP release Action Figures and if the riff-loaded and tightly produced tune is any indication, it ought to be stellar.  Nick Cino’s vocals are dusty with that Tom Petty grit that lends a raw edge to the proceedings, while Jon Daly commands a classic rock cool on lead guitar.  Memorable on first listen and duly featured as an OTM weekly pick for The Green Majority, “Strange Feeling” is tastier than most of the mainstream pap on the radio of late and worth your four minutes of time and then some.

Check out the band’s official site and check out the song below, or download it for free.

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