Must-Hear: “60 Minutes” – Ohio

Don’t let the name fool you:  Ohio is pure Cancon, currently HQ’d in Toronto and poised to break out on the scene.  Their debut release, Corridors, is currently free on Bandcamp, which is a good thing, since you’re going to want to blast track “60 Minutes” until your player of choice begs for mercy.  Heavy 80s rock influences meld with old-school alt rock Canadiana (the better years of 54-40 and Limblifter, for example) to create a melodic rock darkscape that’s catchy without fear of the lilting nausea induced by “Call Me Maybe”.

You don’t have to believe in anything/And you don’t have to believe in anyone/But is it love?”  I think so, Ohio.  You may just be my new favourite (musical) state.  Spin for yourself, then hit Ohio’s Bandcamp for your own copy.

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