Must-See: “Figure 8” – Ellie Goulding

While English singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding has certainly commanded her fair share of attention in the industry – past hit single “Lights” shooting up multiple Billboard charts, for starters – she often seems to be left in the shadow of “It Girl” Adele in the North American scene, which is a damn shame, since I feel she’s the stronger artist.

Recently, I was reminded of Ellie and checked out her latest video for the single “Figure 8” from her latest outing, Halcyon.  In sharp contrast to the bubbling electropop of aforementioned “Lights”, “Figure 8” slinks across the room and lures you in; you, Ellie’s prey, are powerless to resist her call.  The betrayal and heartbreak are palpable in Goulding’s vocals and the dubstep feel of the composition, but it’s the video, with its alternating black-and-white and colour shots (red is key to the palette) that drives the point home in mesmerizing fashion.

Check out the video for “Figure 8” below, and step into the madness of love lost.

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