Flashback: High Heels Lo Fi CD Release 12/20/12

So, what were YOU doing when the world was supposedly going to end (but really, the Mayans decided they had better things to do than create 5000 years of calendars)?

I happened to be at Rancho Relaxo with compadre and photo guru J.J. Deogracias, partaking in the Killer Kool-Aid at the Cabaret At The End Of The World, aka the High Heels Lo Fi CD Release Party!

Burlesque dancing, bad-ass hoop skills and two sets (one semi-sober, one drunk) from the never imitated and impossible to duplicate HHLF!  What more could you ask for, if the world happened to actually end?

You can check out the setlists here and flip through the galleries below to experience the magic of a HHLF gig.  As a bonus, you can also watch video of the band totally not parodying a certain musician with a penchant for purple and lawsuits.  Nope, nope!  Super Bonus:  Check out OTM’s glowing review of the album here!

Setlist 1:  High Heels Lo Fi 12/20/12

You Win Again, Tequila
What Girls Want
Eight Wheels Of Justice
It’s Not Late, It’s Early
Shifty Smiles
Hopes Up, Pants Down
Last Day Of The Mayan

Setlist 2

You Can’t Lose With Booze
Mississauga Booty Call
Release The Hostages
Shake Yer Ass
Cold Gin
Liquored Up
Maybe Tomorrow (Littlest Hobo theme)
Girls Get Loud
Big Dumb Rock Song

Gallery!  Photos Credit:  OTM unless otherwise indicated.

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