GIVEAWAY: Snag a copy of Esthero’s “Everything Is Expensive”!

2020k and I were having a chat recently about how we can reward you, our loyal readers, for checking us out and supporting our music coverage.  It just so happened to come to my attention that 2020k had a giveaway in the pipeline, to which I said, “Why, OTM readers deserve presents!  I shall send them forthwith!”

Actually, I said something more like, “Hellz yeah!  Let’s give them shit!”   But you know, I like pretty words.

Here’s the goods:  2020k has two shiny physical copies of the wicked-talented Esthero’s latest release, Everything Is Expensive.  Want one of the best CDs he’s spun this year?  Sure you do!

How do I score this music deliciousness, Amber?  You’ve got two options, kiddos.

First way to enter: Like 2020k on Facebook and leave a comment on this article telling 2020k and I your favorite Esthero song or collaboration.

Second way to enter: Follow 2020k on Twitter and tweet the phrase “#Everythingisexpensive so give me a copy of the #Esthero album, @Twenty20k!”

Third way to enter: Leave a comment on this post (make sure you enter a valid email address) letting us know your favorite Esthero song or collaboration.

How flipping easy is that?  Hurry:  we’re closing this baby up on December 27th!

OTM and 2020k are gearing up for a giveaway in January and it’s going to be amazing!  Goodies, plural.  You’d best follow OTM on Twitter or like OTM on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss out.  Alternately *points to left sidebar* join the mailing list!  No spam, promise!

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