Snoop Lion (Dogg) Guest Stars In Epic Rap Battles Of History, Owns Santa Claus

Now this is my kind of Christmas music!

For those unfamiliar with the YouTube series Epic Rap Battles Of History, a brief introduction:  two YouTube creators (Epic Lloyd and Nice Pete, both comedians) came together for a series wherein they basically re-enact the final scene in 8 Mile with two famous figures from history, dead or alive.  The throwdowns are often vicious, sometimes lewd and dark, but hilarious:  past battles include Mr. T vs Mr. Rogers, Beethoven vs Justin Bieber, Shakespeare vs Dr. Seuss, and Stephen Hawking vs Albert Einstein.

For their latest installment, good ol’ Saint Nick throws down against Moses… and Snoop Dogg- er, Lion is there to call Santa out for having children sit on his lap, among other zingers.  I can’t even begin to explain how brilliant this is; it’s truly one of their best episodes to date.  Watch and enjoy, then wander through past battles linked above.


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