Marie Avery Drops Lead Single “If You’ve Got Time” For New EP

“It’s in my nature to take things slowly,” Marie Avery explains.  “Occasionally to the point where an outsider’s perception may be of stagnation, but I’m always (at least in my mind) moving forward. I guess I’m just not concerned with timelines.”

They say good things come to those who wait; Avery’s forthcoming EP The Fire (due this winter) is a fitting example.  After years of quietly seeking her identity, lending her vocal and keyboard talents along the way to other artists (including The Foreign Films, whom OTM just reviewed), Avery has finally found her way to a five-song collection that speak to a drive towards freedom within.

Lead single “If You’ve Got Time” delivers a waltzing, contemporary jazz melody (think Nellie Mckay’s early works, or a softer Regina Spektor) with confessional storyteller lyrics that lay her heart bare for the taking.  There’s a quiet vulnerability within, a raw honesty and a tale we’ve all lived once upon a time (or more often).  Layers and subtle effects (birds chirping, for one) add a little theatricality that makes for an engaging listen.

Stream the track below and click here to learn more about Marie Avery.

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