Review: “Sweet Sorrow”/”You Were My Summer Sun” – The Foreign Films

Repeat Hamilton Music Awards nominee and talented songwriter Bill Majoros (the man behind The Foreign Films) has spent over a decade honing his craft, with the latter years focused on the realm of cinematic pop.  Majoros’  long love affair with 60s Britpop and a flair for evoking American West Coast sprawling sounds have evolved into the personally moving yet ultimately positive feel of The Foreign Films sound.

Take, for example, the latest tracks dropped on Bandcamp.  “Sweet Sorrow” opens with a grooving pop feel and feel-good harmonies, but lyrically, the track slips into a tale of love gone bad.  And yet, the sunny surface and comforting retro feel make it impossible to dwell in a dark corner.  There’s an undercurrent of comfort, a soothing balm for the broken heart.  Add in gorgeous melodies and just the right touch of guitar and you have a standout track.  “You Were My Summer Sun” is a lyrical stunner with a definitive psychedelic vibe and a sound that feels blasphemous in a format aside from vinyl.  It’s a sprawl on the floor beside a turntable ode to the past without losing the freshness of today’s synth-loaded electropop offerings.    Shades of Pink Floyd (Dark Side Of The Moon) slip in between the cracks in terms of that sense of wide-open space; if a song could be a time or place, this track would be a California roadtrip in September.

It’s been 5 years since the lauded 22-track double-disc Distant Star dropped, but the wait is nearly over:  Bill Majoros promises a new release in early 2013.  Spin the songs below and fall in love, and click here to find out more about The Foreign Films.

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