Artist Watch: Crystal Bridge

The 80s were an awesome era for music, no matter what your personal preferences in terms of genre.  Madonna broke onto the scene and delivered unto us clever pop that endures decades later; Michael Jackson unleashed Thriller; Springsteen was Born In The U.S.A.; arena rock delivered great tunes to drink to…  Sure, the fashion was often questionable and the hairstyles overteased and sprayed, but it was a grand time filled with artists exploring new sonicscapes.  For better or worse, many artists who’ve ventured onto the scene since have been inspired by the decade that brought me into the world (and music heaven).  Lady Gaga’s outrageous style?  Cyndi Lauper and Madonna did it first, breaking in the path that would encourage her to go wild.  Grunge?  An almost recoil from the decade’s lighter fare, although rooted in the gritty pictures of Tom Waits, Springsteen and the like.

Russian duo Crystal Bridge understands the magic of the 80s and fittingly seeks to bridge the new generation back to what made the 80s special.   As they explain it, their moniker is “the embodiment of connecting two different worlds: the performer and the listener, the music and the lyrics, 80’s and today… merging with the unpredictable melodies, filling it with meaning and a feeling of completeness.”

Electronic pop fuses with the lofty hooks of a time long past with the mature layering of more contemporary artists like Passion Pit.  The result is something familiar that brings its own edge to the table.  Other artists have stepped into this arena in recent years (M83 being one with their superb outing Saturdays=Youth) and Crystal Bridge holds its own among them.  Lyrics slip under the skin subtly, beckoning further exploration.

Spin stellar track “Painted Love” below and click here to discover more about Crystal Bridge!

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