Manic Monday: “Don’t back down, don’t compromise, don’t close your eyes…”

In these days I wonder, why we’re holding back on bliss
We blasphemy everything we see in a prelude to a kiss…

Sometimes, I feel the urge to shake my life up.  Go a little wild.  Be reckless.

In the past, this has earned me my fair share of troubles (usually the financial kind).  There has also been a great deal of beauty born of my more mischievous ways.  I’ve seen many cities and towns and formed strange, surreal memories along the way.  I’ve impulsively indulged in romantic connections.  I once confessed my complicated love life – teen years a decade late, really – to strangers in a blog chock-full of code names for the men and women I adored, lusted for and sometimes loved.  That anonymity was decadent after years of blogging for an audience of friends and acquaintances with expectations that sometimes weighed me down.

It was an exercise born of feeling caged that ultimately brought freedom to my daily life, as I began to let go of friends who were anything but.

Make it bigger and wider
I’m your mega collider
Bust you out, I have come to bust you out
I’ve come…

Shake-ups are healthy, if done with the right intentions.  It’s too easy to become wedded to the devils we know and blind to the angels we ought to know.  I feel another on the horizon.  I sense this one will bring heartache with it, but joy as well.  Bonds now frayed will be mended or severed.  Interests tugging my mind into complex knots will unravel the wool from my eyes.

Maybe this is the end of the world, but metaphorically.  I welcome a cleansing storm.  Who’s coming with me?

So can you take me
Into days I never knew?
I want to riot
Let’s start a riot, me and you
‘Cause a riot’s overdue

Don’t back down, don’t compromise
Don’t close your eyes
Here it is do or die
And you still believe the lie
And the world is for the meek
Well, this mouse is going to squeak
Yes, I am dying to be freaked

Can You Take Me – Third Eye Blind


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