Announcement: OTM On Your Radio? It’s (Kinda) True!

OTM has some exciting news to share!

As of yesterday, OTM is working with weekly radio show The Green Majority, a weekly environmental news program on CIUT 89.5 FM.  Each week, OTM will be kicking some of our latest fave CANCON tunes in the direction of The Green Majority to spin during the program. With a focus on the indies of course, together we’ll introduce the world to brilliant tunes that mainstream radio isn’t cool enough to have picked up yet.  This week’s picks:  goodnight, sunrise’s “Love Fortress #9” and Avery Island’s “Lock Me Up”.

Photo credit: TGM Site

The Green Majority, by the way, is a pretty damn fantastic show.  You can swing over here and check out past episodes, including OTM’s introduction to their world.  Wanna listen live?  For those outside Toronto (or being subtle at work) you can stream online via CIUT’s website every Friday at 11am EST.

Huge thanks to The Green Majority for having OTM on board!


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