Cool Things To Check Out 10/21/12

Hello, music fans!  It’s my favourite time of year:  Autumn, with Halloween/Samhain around the corner.  As I push my way through promotions and publication for two separate books (and no, I don’t sleep!), here are some awesome things I’ve enjoyed lately to keep you entertained.

Shadow Of A Ghost (Official Video) – Emma-Lee

This video may or may not remind you of Tarantino and Rodriguez’s Grindhouse films.  It may or may not contain zombies.  It may or may not feature the wonderful Karen Kosowski.  I will confirm this:  it’s a fantastic song.  Check it out.

Eye Of The Tiger – Jensen Ackles

So my cable-less self finally started watching Supernatural and my fangirl coworker pointed out this brilliant moment caught on set that cannot help but cheer you up.  I highly recommend it for the mid-week blahs.

Slender Man Vs. Gangnam Style

For the meme-loving folks, a mash-up of two of the biggest ones this year:  Psy’s hit tune “Gangnam Style” and the creepy evil of Slender Man.  Why hasn’t someone done this in Toronto?

My Console – Eliza Dushku

As much as I detest the Jace Hall Show, it did bestow upon us this glorious clip of Eliza Dushku rapping about being the best gamer girl EVAR.  Eliza is bad-ass, my friends.

Waste My Heart – Arrows In the Air

With its retro-rock feel and cool drive-in setting, this music video from P.E.I.’s Arrows In The Air is catchy good fun.

Lola (The Kinks cover) – Goodnight, Sunrise

In another moment of retro-riffic musical wonder, the uber-talented Goodnight, Sunrise take out The Kinks’ class tune “Lola” for a live spin at Q107 studios.

All These Colours  (Live In Bellwoods session) –

As part of an ongoing series of performance captured live in Trinity Bellwoods, performs the stunning “All These Colours” from their EP.  How come awesome bands never show up when I’m walking through a park?

And that’s your fix for this week!  Stay tuned for reviews of Tori Amos, Muse and a new Bruce Springsteen biography, and make sure you’re stalking following me on Twitter (@emptysthemepark) or Facebook (opentilmidnightblog)!

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