Artist Watch: Hello Vera

I have always been someone that tends to gravitate towards certain sounds at different times of the year or phases of life, crafting a soundtrack for my days and nights.  My angsty teens, for example, were heavily loaded with the thriving Canadian alt-rock scene:  Moist, Our Lady Peace, Finger Eleven (pre-selling out era)…  You follow me.

In the last two years, I’ve begun gravitating towards more ethereal sounds based in electronic beats and soft keys.  Perhaps it’s the maturity of this stage of my life (goodbye, tortured twenties of concert tour stalking and lousy romantic choices); perhaps it’s simply that my musical lens, like that of my life, has broadened.  Whatever the case may be, I’m enjoying this new territory and foraging out fun new treats for my collection.

Aussie band Hello Vera are not newcomers to the music scene, but they’ve only just landed on my radar, falling smack alongside The Bird And The Bee and The xx.  Breathy words spill out over lush, gorgeous soundscapes that evoke a sense of innocence on the verge of corruption.  Guarded optimism.  For the diehards in the Metric fanbase, think of the softer side of Grow Up And Blow Away.

Enjoy the lush “galactic pop” of Hello Vera at their Bandcamp page and keep an eye on this band.  There’s something special at work here.


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