The Dirty Nil Deliver “Little Metal Baby Fist” 7″

The Dirty Nil are a band that OTM appreciates for their straight-up, here to melt your mind rocking ways.  For someone like me who loves intellectual, thought-provoking work, it’s a welcome palette cleanser to just party and have wild, raucous, possibly illegal fun.  The Dirty Nil is there, waiting with the soundtrack for debauchery, and their latest release delivers.

Since I couldn’t possibly write a better intro for the release than the band has, let’s allow them to tell you about it:

“The Dirty Nil recording experience is dependent on beer, blood, broken bones, broken instruments, broken ears, inescapable loudness, screaming, unresolved girl problems, exposed wiring, no pants, no shoes, making our producer drink more than he wants to, a dirty basement, beer, fuzz, real italian pizza, ‘ladies night out’ wine, and a dozen donuts.”

See what I mean?  How can you not want to rock out with them?  I want to grab a drink with these guys already, and that’s before the tasty tunes hit the ears.

Head on over here, where you can spin Little Metal Baby Fist or name your price and keep it forever digitally (or, y’know, enjoy the vinyl).  Oh, and don’t forget:  this music is meant to be played as loud as possible.  Destroy all speakers!

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