5 Cool Things You Should See/Hear

It’s hump day!  Here’s a bevy of treats to keep you grooving until the weekend arrives!

Fuck School!

It’s that first week back to school and for most parents and kids alike, it’s too damn busy and full of griping about early wake-ups and homework.  Lucky for you, The Dirty Nil have banged out a cover of the classic Replacements tune “Fuck School” to get you through.  It’s available as a free download at their bandcamp page, where you can also still score their Summer Mix-Tape for a limited time!

99 Problems and Pearl Jam Ain’t One!

Admittedly, I’m not a huge rap fan, let alone a Jay-Z fan, although I respect the man for his work.  However, “99 Problems” is my jam!  I love it to pieces, especially the Grey Album remix.  On the other hand, we have Pearl Jam, a band that I used to love that wandered off into this weird space between alt-grunge and psychedelic prog and kinda bored me.  It may have improved since I bailed, I grant you.  I jumped ship at Vitalogy.

Put them together though, and what do you have?  Something pretty damn cool!


M-m-m-m-m-m-mad!  Mad!  Muse drops their video for “Madness”

Love or hate the dubstep (I fall in between – the tune’s a grower, it seems), the video for Muse’s first true single off The 2nd Law is typical for the band and begins to give shape to that random video for “Unsustainable”.  Check it out below, and see what you think.  I think it’s a little too generic lyrically, but I’m still keen to hear the album proper.  The video’s very “Uprising” to me…


Time To Grow Up

One of most personable bands I encountered at NXNE was The Aves, a garage-shake the hips-rock band with finesse.  Check out the video for their tune “Grow Up”, which is delightful and so perfectly them.


MyMusic:  The Transmedia Sitcom For Music Geeks

I’ve spoken about the work of The Fine Brothers before online, but it’s about time I give them a specific shout-out here.  The masterminds behind Kids React/Teens React/Elders React and other hilarity embarked on a new journey with their show MyMusic.  Featuring familiar faces from YouTube like Toby Turner, Shane Dawson, Jack Douglass and Grace Helbig, as well as Adam Busch (Warren on Buffy The Vampire Slayer), the show is a playful mockery of MySpace and genre stereotypes, while poking fun at pop culture and reality TV along the way.  In addition to the scripted main series, the “staff” deliver content all week along that encourages audience interaction.

Every 6 mini-sodes, a sitcom-length episode is pulled together.  With the third sitcom episode now live, it’s a great time to jump in if you’re not already watching.  Check out the first full length episode below!


And that’s your quick fix of music and procrastination!  Stay tuned to OTM for more reviews later this week, including a very tasty indie act called Animal Confession!   Remember to follow me on Twitter @emptysthemepark and Facebook (link to your right)!

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