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It’s been a busy week at OTM!  Between album and live show reviews, here’s what news blipped on our radar:

  • Let’s open with the trainwreck news:  Avril Lavigne is getting hitched to Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger.  Until someone mashes up the former’s “Girlfriend” with the latter’s “Figured You Out” (imagine:  “I like your pants around your feet!” “Hey, hey, you, you, I could be your girlfriend!”), I refuse to mention them again…. At least until the new Avril Lavigne album drops, which I’m assuming will continue the downslide that began with The Best Damn Thing.  Also, this cover from a good ten or more years ago is suddenly HILARIOUS:

  • Continuing the fine Republican tradition I recently opined on, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider took on Paul Ryan for, you guessed it, using hit tune “We’re Not Going To Take It” for his campaign.  Sheesh, they really never learn, do they?  Maybe that’s why their policies continue to fail, time and again.  By the way, Romney’s a fan of the Beach Boys and The Killers.  Seems the strategy is “make the public forget we have no good policy to speak of”.
  • Stoked for the Psychedelic Furs tour?  Fan of the Lemonheads?  Guess who’s rejoining Evan Dando for an opening stint for the Furs tour?  Juliana Hatfield.  The resurgence of music greats is welcome in a pop culture world saturated in the Biebers and boy bands.
  • More new music has dropped from No Doubt!  Click here to check out the radio edit of “Push And Shove”, which is deliciously reggae-flavoured.
  • Adele finally fell off the charts.  Yeesh.  She’s not that good.  Now if only Gotye could fade away…
  • You can now stream the new Melissa Etheridge album via Rolling Stone’s site.  Stay tuned for my review!
  • Think the new Muse is ridiculous so far?  Matt Bellamy gives no fucks, comparing their music to Monty Python at times.  Besides, you told NME that Muse is the best live act, so there.
  • Given her stints in recent nudity and the accompanying flood of hits to my now ancient post, I assume an update on the not-so-cool actions of Amanda Palmer is long overdue.  Then again, Scientology is hard at work protecting her, never mind Neil Gaiman chasing her detractors down on Tumblr (no, really).  A quick Google will help you learn about Amanda Palmer’s transphobic, ableist, hipster racist, thinks suicide is a grand joke to pull and ultimately art and anti-woman (via comparing women who choose to shave their pubic region to little boys and rape culture encouraging acts) tendencies.  I will do a post if she screws up on delivering her Kickstarter goods, though.  *shrug*  In the meantime, the new single’s a rehash of ground covered with The Dresden Dolls so I can’t even try to shut up and enjoy it, as some fans tell me to do.

And that’s your fix this week!  Comments are off, due to incidents (plural) of Gaiman stalking and the like (I wish I was joking, since I love his work, but what can you do?).

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