5 Videos Worth Watching

Here are a few of the cool things I’ve been watching online this week!

Oh My Dayum! – Songify This/The Gregory Brothers

It’s been a while since The Gregory Brothers have delivered a truly brilliant song by songifying a viral video.  Their latest is catchy as all hell and is the best salute to cheeseburgers and fries ever.  In fact, it inspired us to look up the burger chain in question and plan an outing to the nearest location.  Be sure to click and watch the original review; Daym is hilarious and a cool guy.

Thriller – Joseph Gordon-Levitt, The Gregory Brothers, Sean Lennon et. al

Speaking of The Gregory Brothers, I am envious of their friendship with JGL.  It allows them to jam with him and create awesomeness like this.  Oh my fangirl!

Don’t Speak (No Doubt) – Kelly Clarkson

In addition to covering “We Are Young” every night, Kelly’s been doing a different fan request each night.  This take on a No Doubt classic is gorgeous.

Figure It Out – Emma-Lee

This song came out several months ago, but it’s catchy as hell and a fabulous video, including a playful jab at Glee.  Emma-Lee’s poised to go far, so take a good look.

Says The Spark – Amos The Transparent

In addition to having a stellar album, this video’s damn cool.  Simple yet incredibly effective and memorable.

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