5 Min. Music News

Happy Sunday, music fans!  Here’s the news that’s on OTM’s radar this week:

  • In “this is actually happening” news, come meet Yoshimi and other characters from the forthcoming musical based on The Flaming Lips’ music.  Seriously?  As if Wayne Coyne wasn’t enough of a dramatic attention queen, we’re going to give him a musical?  And what is with artists wanting to create musicals all of a sudden, anyway?  Please, just make good music.  Some things are better left to the imagination of fans.
  • In a post earlier this week, I took on the world of music and political campaigns, including Silversun Pickups demanding that Mitt Romney’s campaign stop using their song “Panic Switch”, not only because they didn’t care to be associated with him, but because the song fights against everything he stands for and really, how embarrassing is that?  We also addressed the sad conditions at a Niagara Falls theme park, Marineland, and how poor Suzie McNeil’s voice is attached to their jingle perpetually, much to her dismay.  It’s an incredibly important read for fans and artists, so please, go take a look if you haven’t already.
  • Also important:  Pussy Riot was sentenced to two years in prison for their anti-Putin protest, because Russia apparently does not believe in freedom of speech.  They’re also suing Madonna for daring to support gay pride/gay rights.  I’m sooooo glad we’ve given them the Olympics!  Y’know, because they’re a bastion of harmony and embracing all cultures and beliefs.  I suspect the Pussy Riot fight is far from over on the global activism stage, so get informed and pay attention.  If we allow this to happen in any country, we are giving other governments permission to come after us next.  Don’t sit idly by.
  • Taylor Swift has written yet another song of a bad ex-boyfriend.  In equally surprising news, the sun still shines during the day.  Seriously, girl:  grow the hell up already.  Have you ever considered that maybe the problem is you?  You’re the common denominator.  You’re the one being dumped.  You’re the one who just bought the house on the street of  your latest boyfriend’s grandmother after dating for a few months.  Also, why slag indie music?  At least the songs feature different topics.  (Taylor has been a long-time irritant here at OTM for her anti-feminist drivel lyrics; allow Autostraddle to fill you in while comparing her to Lady Gaga.  I do not endorse the Gaga praise, by the way.  Speaking of…)
  • Lady Gaga is the latest to invoke the wrath of PETA for turning on her prior stance against fur and in favour of animal rights by adding a rather tremendous disclaimer:  if it’s in the name of fashion or art, screw the animals.  Gaga fired back, claiming she could indeed wear alligators and fur and still be a supporter, and urged them not to waste flour bombs on her precious fashions.    For me personally, the hypocrisy is the bigger issue here.  Don’t espouse one thing and do another.  Her “above you” attitude in the name of “fashion” also grates, but I’ve been aware of that since her masturbatory wank of a video for “Born This Way”.
  • The new single by Muse, “Madness”, officially drops tomorrow.  Here’s hoping it’s better than “Survival” and “The 2nd Law: Unsustainable”.  Otherwise, I doubt many will go for the US $94/CDN $98 pre-order of the deluxe edition of The 2nd Law.
  • Slash is a bit perturbed that he’s never been asked to perform on Sesame Street.  In fact, Rip It Up have started a petition to make it happen for the older, wiser daddy Slash.  I’m down with it, so long as he gets to bust out a crazy “November Rain” solo.
  • In case you care, Scott Stapp is putting out a memoir.  I’m sorry, Dad; I don’t care.  Enjoy!
  • And last, Ron Howard is directing a movie about Jay-Z’s forthcoming “Made In America” festival.

Check out the Muse video for “The 2nd Law: Unsustainable” and let loose with your opinions; I’ll reveal mine as I take it on after the release of “Madness”.

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