5 Music Videos Worth Watching This Week

While OTM digs its way out of album review backlog, check out a few videos/tunes that are getting the love from this blog:

1.  A Little Too Young – Sunday Lane

Not only an incredibly catchy tune I can relate to, Sunday Lane’s lead video for her debut LP From Where You Are is symbolic, amusing, heartening and evocative all at once.

2.  Wonderwall – Thick As Thieves

In checking out Ms. Lane’s bio for a forthcoming review, I discovered that she apparently never sleeps.  She not only produces solo material, but is part of Fauntella Crow and Thick As Thieves as well.  Their smash-ups are amazing, but this video is haunting in a way that outcreeps Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights”.  Amazing evolution of a classic tune.

3.  Take A Walk – Passion Pit

I first saw this video at a NXNE Interactive session and really loved the technology and how well it played out.  The song’s also damn sweet, so give it a spin.  OTM keeps meaning to review Gossamer…  Hopefully, this suffices for now.

4.  Gold Guns Girls (acoustic) – Metric

Metric is amazing; that goes without saying.  Metric acoustic is always a special treat.  Hearing their songs stripped down to the bare minimum and Emily’s voice front and centre adds that little something that mesmerizes.

5.  Degausser (Brand New cover) – Avery Island

Avery Island are big fans of Brand New, and they do this tune tremendous justice (well, half of the band does it right in this acoustic take).  Delicious!

Enjoy!  Know a cool video I ought to be watching?  Tweet me:  @emptysthemepark or FB: opentilmidnightblog

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