30 Days Of Music: Day 27

A Song You Wish You Could Play

I only get to choose one?  Well, fine.

There’s something hypnotic about the melody of this song, enticing.  The thought of being able to lose myself in a song, give in completely to it, is thrilling.  To play this, one would have to surrender, a scary yet longed for experience.

And, quite frankly, who hasn’t experienced loss and regret when it comes to love?  Who hasn’t wanted to bleed that misery out of their heart?  When I hear this song, my breath catches.  I understand the ache of being ‘not enough’.  I’ve been the one to invite someone home, to let my former lover sleep in my living room, because neither of us can let go.  I’ve dreamed and had those dreams crushed.

I know what it is to not be someone’s star.

Konstantine – Something Corporate

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