30 Days Of Music: Day 20

A Song You Listen To When Angry

I have entire playlists dedicated to anger, which may sound unhealthy, but I disagree.  Music is cathartic and a means of purging or expressing negativity to restore balance.  The thing is, anger is far more complex than this question suggests.  It reminds me of the scene in Donnie Darko where good ol’ Donnie tells Ms. Farmer that life is more than a dichotomy of fear and love (and when she begs to differ, he tells her precisely where to insert her flawed exercise).

One of the common undercurrents of anger in my life is a sense of disappointment in others.  Being let down, lied to or betrayed will enrage me because I don’t permit people into my inner circle without serious vetting.  If I trust you, it is because I have given great consideration to that; to have that trust betrayed is a tremendous blow.  It is with that in mind that I offer up today’s selection.  Be it a fairweather friend, a lover gone astray or a family member who never changes despite promises to do so, there’s something incredibly therapeutic about screaming along with the final lines.

Somewhat Damaged – Nine Inch Nails

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