30 Days Of Music: Day 14

A Song That No One Would Expect You To Love

Given my usual artists in regular rotation, one would expect to find plenty of singer-songwriters in my collection, experimental sounds with a rock leaning, piano-driven music and a dash of pop.   A few mainstream singles blended in primarily to dance to.  Glancing through my 70 Gigs of music (and forever climbing), you’d be pretty much right.  You’d expect a lot of pop labelled at 3 stars (my rating for “silly fun shit”).

This one gets five stars, and is the only song by this band I love.

When this band broke out, I rolled my eyes, cringed at the cracking pubescent voices and felt like I’d fallen into a time warp circa NKOTB’s heyday.  I did think that there was a sister in the mix, and was baffled when I learned otherwise.  But a scant few years later, this track played on Muchmusic and I was floored.  There was growth apparent in the lyrics, but more importantly, it resonated with me.

Twelve years later, it still hits me in a way I cannot adequately articulate.  There’s a sense of childhood ending, of innocence lost and yet sought out anew.  Living and dying in cyclical motion.

This Time Around – Hanson

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