30 Days Of Music: Day 12

A Song From A Band You Hate

This one again comes down to principles, and what artists I am willing to give a backhanded promotion to in this space.  I could list off a song by a band I loathe that I actually love, but you might just slap me.

Instead, I turn to an oddity that never fails to turn heads when I bring it up.

The universal question:  The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?  Even Metric asks it in their deliciously synth-pop tune “Gimme Sympathy”, and I wager from the “Here Comes The Sun” reference that Emily chooses the former.  My answer:  neither.  I think both are painfully overrated, and while I can appreciate the shift in the overall scene that they both deserve credit for, I can barely stand either one.  I like a couple of songs by each and cringe at the rest.

If you force me to choose, the Stones win.  But only just.

Since I’m proverbially defecating on Gods of music, I might as well share one of the songs I hate most by The Beatles.  I do mean hate.  I cringe and run.  I plug my ears.  It’s whiny nonsense and I just…. ARRGH.  No, no, no.

(For those curious, I dig the following:  Stones – Satisfaction; Sympathy for the Devil; Paint it Black; You Can’t Always Get What You Want; Wild Horses…  Beatles – Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds; Tomorrow Never Knows; Can’t Buy Me Love; Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da)

Let It Be – The Beatles

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