30 Days Of Music: Day 2

Note:  I will do this meme every other day, due to other blogging ventures.

Your Least Favourite Song

When you feel as passionately about music as I do, this is a very long list to consider.  Even my fiance did a double-take when asked to pinpoint one single song to name as least favourite.  Also to consider: who do I want to post on my blog, even in loathing?  To afford Justin Bieber or Nickelback any form of promotion via tagging is just painful to me (and how do I choose a single song when so many of theirs are god-awful)?

Instead, I’ve chosen a song that I absolutely despise that was, for me, a sign that Glee was about to jump the shark (and sure enough, it did a few episodes later).  I cannot stand this song.  It’s whiny, obnoxious, and covers a theme done way better by dozens of other artists.  I cringe and run when it plays.

Billionaire – Travie McCoy ft Bruno Mars

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