30 Days Of Music: Day 1

Strangely, I have yet to complete this meme.  Some of the categories are extremely problematic, but I’ll do my best to respond with the answer that strikes me today.  Asking someone who cannot choose a single favourite artist to do such things is cruel.

As always, I aim to not repeat artists if I can help it with these memes, in order to challenge myself. 

Day One:  Your Favourite Song

My favourite song is currently in flux, as are my favourite artists.  I suppose this is natural when shifting stages in life, and while many staples are still present, their importance to my musical landscape is not a constant.

So instead, I sought out what song resonated most for me right now, in this moment.

I remember the first time I truly heard this song:  it was in the darkest days of my life, where nothing seemed worthwhile and everything hurt.  Music was a solace then, as it is now, but it was also the life preserver in the seas that tossed my body among their waves.  I was small, diminished, my voice a hollow whisper.  So many questions flooded my mind, but all of them could be reduced to one:  am I enough?

I still wonder at times, still feel decades older than the age indicated by my ID.  And when I do, I turn to this song and let its melody drive me home.

Change Of Season – Matthew Good Band

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