Flashback: Matthew Good @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto 11/4/11

Due to failure to review at the time, collected comments from online and the setlist are featured here.

The setlist is up for tonight on setlist.fm (someone beat me to it while I waited forever to meet Matt after the “hey let’s have the back of the line go first now” shenanigans). Basically, Mississauga with Shallow’s Low moved up and Hornets in its place. The crowd was high energy but annoyingly so – super drunk, yelling during songs like Non Populus and Rabbits (seriously, please STFU and save it for Time Bomb or Weapon). I wasn’t happy because I had the “stand the fuck up!” drunken idiot right beside me in the aisle and security going back and forth with him. Last night was a better show for me by miles.

Tony jamming Rick Astley made my life. I want to party with him now.

I’m sad I’m done for this tour. I want more.

VIP: wow…. super sold out and beyond…. Matt was tired when I finally made it, but very nice and sweet about what I talked to him about. He’s a trooper for doing this many shows and all the VIP.


While We Were Hunting Rabbits
Lights Of Endangered Species
The Boy Who Could Explode
Shallow’s Low
Born Losers
What If I Can’t See The Stars Mildred?
Zero Orchestra
Load Me Up
Hello Time Bomb
Non Populus

Set Me On Fire

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