Flashback: Matthew Good @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre, 11/3/11

Due to failing to review this at the time – I blame school! – here’s the setlist and comments collected from message boards that I made at the time.

I loved this set, but more importantly, my dad loved it. This show was his birthday gift and his second Matt show ever, and he said it was pretty much perfect, aside from a few Hospital Music songs he’d want. Definitely higher energy than Mississauga but he’s had a break recently, so makes sense. Killed it. Army was an especially nice touch.



Set Me on Fire
Last Parade
Born Losers
What if I Can’t See the Stars Mildred?
Zero Orchestra
The Future is X-Rated
Load Me Up
A Silent Army in the Trees (dedicated to Scott Olsen, injured at Occupy Oakland)
Non Populus
While We Were Hunting Rabbits

Alert Status Red
Shallow’s Low

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