Sonic Snapshots: “Feelin’ like a Monday, but someday…”

“The hardest thing in this world is to live in it,” Buffy tells Dawn before leaping to her death and saving the world.  Joss has penned incredible scenes of truth across his many works, but that one line resonates for me more than the other.  Life is hard.  It’s brutal at times, pressing down upon us and stealing our breath.  There are days, weeks, even years that we spend in permanent fight-or-flight states, forever awaiting the next trauma.

My foster daddy went, took my innocence away. The street life ain’t much better, but at least I get paid…”

In our own ways, we all suffer a case of perpetual Mondays.  Sometimes, it’s merely acute anxiety, like completing a streamlined college course in a week, final exam included.  Sometimes, it’s the creeping despair of depression, beckoning us to relent, to give in to its siren song.  We may feel lost, or feel we have lost who we once were or once longed to be.

Now I can’t say my name, and tell you where I am. I want to blow myself away, don’t know if I can
I wish that I could be in some other time and place, with someone else’s soul, someone else’s face…”

Every week has a Monday, just as every life has its painful moments.  For me, that’s when music slips in, to sing me through the week until it’s Saturday once more.

Tuesday just might go my way -can’t get worse than yesterday…”

So for all of you out there tonight, like me, with a case of the Miserable Mondays of living, a song I cling to, and a plea to remember that eventually, the calendar page flips over.

“I’m gonna pick up all the pieces and what’s left of my pride.  I’m feelin’ like a Monday, but someday, I’ll be Saturday night…”

Someday, I’ll Be Saturday Night – Bon Jovi

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