365 Days of Music: Day 361

Five more days… five more songs…  For the last twenty or so days, I’ve had a list of some of the many songs I feel are essential listening to post, as opposed to earlier in the year, where I let my whims carry my choices.  There’s a decided lean, for those who know my tastes, in these last posts, towards older material that has shaped my life or been its soundtrack.

No year-long list could ever be complete without a song by Tool; their music is fantastic, well crafted and meaningful, and also makes for great break-up listening (not that I know from experience, or anything *whistle*).  But in choosing one song, the task became heady:  there are so many that speak to me on a deep, personal level.

In the end, in keeping with yesterday’s post, I opted to go with a song that captures the pessimistic yet undefeated world views laced into the visuals for The Wall 2010 tour.  The fact that this song is 14 years old as of two days prior is astonishing – because one could write it today, and have it be just as relevant.

Fret for your figure and
Fret for your latte and
Fret for your hairpiece and
Fret for your lawsuit and
Fret for your prozac and
Fret for your pilot and
Fret for your contract and
Fret for your car.
It’s a
Bullshit three ring circus sideshow

Day 361: Ænema – Tool

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