365 Days of Music: Day 350

Mark: That guy, whatever his name is. What’s his name? That dude with the shaved head? The liar guy?
Eddie: Henry Rollins?
Mark: Yes, the guy with tattoos all over.
Eddie: I admit, Henry Rollins is sort of a puss.
Mark: Yeah, he’s a total puss. His lyrics suck.
Eddie: But you can’t go and put down the Misfits. They had everything it took to be a great punk band. They had good bass lines and strong guitar chords… even though they were only three.
Mark: They didn’t even compare to Primus. They were that old school stuff.
Eddie: Why get into Primus? Primus sucks.
Mark: Primus is the new stuff. Out with the old, in with the new.
Eddie: Evolution’s a bad thing if Primus is what’s gonna come around.
Mark: What are you talking about?
Eddie: The fact that Primus has nothing. They got good bass lines. I’ll admit.
Mark: They have beautiful bass lines. Six-string fretless bass…
Eddie: Okay, but they’re not as good as the Pixies. The Pixies have way better bass lines than Primus.
Mark: So why didn’t they stick around?
Eddie: Because people wanted to do solo careers and explore themselves… as single entities instead of a band.
Mark: But that’s like money.

– Empire Records

I apologize; it’s impossible for me to hear the band name Primus without this entire exchange from the ‘after the credits’ scene in Empire Records. It is my favourite movie, after all!

But Primus indeed has their virtues, and one of those is clever wordplay. Today’s song takes sexual double entendre to a whole new level, complete with a comical video of cartoon sequences and the band made up as ‘cheap plastic cowboys’, living it up in the west while jamming to the track. It makes me laugh while rocking an infectious beat.

And for the record? The band insists it’s not about a certain klepto actress.  Really!

Day 350: Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver – Primus

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