365 Days of Music: Day 349

If you have yet to hear today’s song, I’m going to suggest you simply stop reading this intro, scroll down, hit play, then come back to me.  Don’t worry;  I’ll wait.

A new song squeaking into the final 20 of this year of music is rather impressive.  I’ve long mapped the remaining days out, and most of the songs stretch back at least five years.  But I can’t celebrate this year as I’ve experienced it in music without having this track in the mix.

What’s so special?  It’s catchy, it’s clever, it throws back to the 60s in terms of arrangement and harmonies, and it’s supremely relatable.  Who hasn’t been dumped, only to see the ex prancing around with a new man or woman?  Who hasn’t wanted to hurl an obscenity to feel better over it?

Cee-Lo knows exactly what’s he done with this song, and just as his former collaborators Outkast ear wormed their way into our lives with Hey Ya, he’s created the song that’s going to stick in your skull for years to come.

And if you don’t like this track?  I wish you the best, with a fuck you! *wink*

Day 349:  Fuck You – Cee-Lo

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