365 Days of Music: Day 345

It astounds me, as I reflect on my music collection in search of new songs for the final days of this project how many songs are left unused, particularly songs I consider anthems or songs essential to my musical being.  This track is one of them.

It isn’t just David Usher’s soft, plaintive voice.  It isn’t the lyrics, or even the metaphorical video that belies a deep fear of society and a despair for it even.  It’s everything at once.  It’s a song we can all relate to, on one lonely night or another, seeking a meaning beyond the mundane.

Wave at all the faces
They go by
The faster that we live the more we die
Now I’m crashing through the open door
Smiling in a most peculiar way
What would you say?

I’m falling, faster than a waterfall
Opened up and after all
Can’t you see I’m drowning, right here in the open air?
Wishing I could still go clear
Don’t you know by now?
Don’t you know by now?
This is what we are…

Day 345:  Forestfire – David Usher

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