365 Days of Music: Day 335

I remember in high school, my friend Saba and I used to pass notes back and forth in the halls between classes, filled with gossip about our respective crushes, music, teachers and our crazy inside jokes (satanic Tickle Me Elmo).  I still have the notes, deep in a box in my closet.  I find them every time I move, and settle in to giggle anew.

One of our long-running discussions was over this song, and how, at its first release, we didn’t have the faintest fucking clue what Damon Albarn was singing.  I looked the lyrics up one night at home and printed them, I think – or maybe Saba did – but I do remember we clearly crowed with delight, feeling as if knowing the ‘real words’ made us special, part of an elite club of music fans with a cool secret handshake.  It was small, but it was funny and ours.

Today, I got the sort of news that usually makes people upset.  And yes, for about fifteen minutes, I was unhappy.  I was worried.  But then, I had a strange moment of clarity in which I immediately began looking for silver linings for a change, of my own volition.  I began to laugh, with the sort of girlish glee of my teens.  The beloved man I look forward to many years with laughed too.  I asked him, “What song fits a day when you’ve been fired from the place you were handing a resignation letter into anyway (for reasons of it destroying your mental health)?”

This was his choice.  Perfect.

Day 335:  Song 2 – Blur

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