365 Days of Music: Day 327

There are moments that are scored so perfectly in film and television that a song forever is bound in the mind to the images on the screen.  For me, this song triggers one such moment.

There was a TV series in the 90s that I loved, Profiler.  If you haven’t seen it, IMDB that shit.  It’s fantastic.  There is a scene in an episode where one character fights with another that he has been at odds with for some time, and in the course of the argument, a gun goes off by mistake and the character is shot.  The tempo of this song, the pacing of the scene and the emotional reactions on both sides are captured pitch-perfect with this song.  I can’t think of one without the other.

What are your moments of perfect scoring?

Day 327:  I Put A Spell On You – Marilyn Manson

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