365 Days of Music: Day 317

There is an honesty in Emilie Autumn’s work that makes me ever more drawn to her lyrics and words (including her book, a semi-autobiographical, semi-fantasy work about her life and mental struggles).  I’ve always been one to appreciate and relate to those who channel the darkness that afflicts them into their art.  But Emilie is also incredibly humble, and to me, that speaks volumes to her character beyond the show she dreams up for her fans each tour.

Beneath the corsets and mad girl lies a woman with vulnerability and heart.  Which is why the lyric, “You think this torment is romantic?  Well it’s not, except to you…” is a fitting mission statement from Emilie to her fans.  Ultimately, Emilie still struggles; all of us bipolar girls do.  It’s easy to forget that behind her bold and brilliant artistic vision.

Day 317:  Swallow – Emilie Autumn

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