365 Days of Music: Day 307

In reading an article on making relationships last while bored at work, a single statement struck me as being the one kernel of genuinely good advice offered:  the difference between love and lust is that to maintain love, it takes work and effort to keep the fire stoked.  Lust is just the initial temporary reaction holding the beginning stages together to allow love to grow, in effect.

How very, very true.  I’ve hit the brick wall in relationships so often partially because of choosing others who just will not work with me to keep it healthy.    One person can’t save a relationship, no matter how hard he or she may run around trying to.

Love itself is not enough, not even honest, truthful love that’s reciprocated.  We wish it were, like the faery tales we’re sold, but it’s not.  There’s effort, and sometimes sadness.  There’s compromises, a few tears, give and take.  But isn’t it worth it, for the beauty of a good love?

Day 307:  Not Enough – Van Halen

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